Introducing for the first time in the UK...

A Revolutionary, Safe and Non-invasive Technique for Weight Reduction

"Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition (KEN™)

This weight loss technique was originally discovered by Professor Gianfranco Cappello. While treating patients in Rome, Prof Cappello discovered that if fed a certain combination of foods in a specific way, people could actually lose much of their excess body fat.

To date, this technique has been used on over 35,000 patients in over 75,000 cycles & has been shown to be effective every time.

Dr Shidrawi works with London based Weight Management Systems Ltd who are the first and the sole representatives to introduce this technique in the UK.

KEN™ allows the body to switch into KETOGENIC mode, whereby it breaks down its own fat stored for use as energy. The special feature in this system is that participants do not feel hungry throughout the entire duration of the 10 day session.

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